R-Squared matchmaking solutions for diverse talent, with future-forward skills & mindset


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executive and professional talent hacks

We support the competitive strength and the sustainability of your business models with a focus on leadership roles in market access, medical, commercial, digital / data analytics and sustainability / circularity. The value proposition and opportunity of your key positions are matched with a diverse pool of life science game changers, future-forward talent and mavericks for key positions in market access, medical, commercial, data science / analytics and sustainability / circularity.
We unearth future-forward mindsets and talent that help you move beyond the status quo and develop new ways of thinking to address important mindset changes:

  • affordability for high-priced medicines (particularly in financially stretched healthcare systems),
  • an accelerated digital transformation and move to data-driven decision-making
  • an outside-in approach to customer and stakeholder engagement and experience design and management
  • a move to agile organisations, having positive societal impact, including driving sustainability and circularity.


talent scouting

We win future-forward workforces with a future-forward approach: a technology-powered talent hack with a high focus on quality engagement with talent throughout the process:

  • reverse pitching is creating maximum curiosity, particularly in times of a Covid-19 pandemic
  • structured interviews to unearth future-forward skills & mindsets, in addition, candidates video-answer key questions
  • create a feeling of belonging early on in the process
  • keep talent excited: a 6-24 month thorough engagement plan with regular check-ins